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New Construction Phase Inspections

The building of a home is critical at every step. Having an ITI® Certified building inspector present at each step of this process is also critical. While most contractors are very good at what they do, it is imperative to have another set of eyes with over 20 years of construction experience to verify the decisions that they must make.

The A-Pro New Construction Phase Inspections Program consist of three (3) inspections for the home buyer.

For all new construction phase inspections, it is important to get an idea from the builder a date that they anticipate the building will be ready for each phase of the inspection – as soon as the date is given, you must notify us immediately.

PHASE I – Foundation

foundation inspection for new construction


The foundation must be capable of accommodating all loads and of conveying the subsequent loads to the supportive soil. The foundation inspection is the one of the most important and one of the most difficult to schedule. Builders can easily get ahead of schedule or fall behind of the initial schedule due to weather amongst other problems. We recommend that the me home-buyer constantly check with builder about progress.

  • Concrete Slab – This phase of the inspection is done after the exterior foundation walls are finished and the plumbing rough-ins are installed, however before the concrete slab is poured.
  • Basement, if applicable – In this phase of the inspection we come out after the forms (walls) are poured and before they backfill. It is extremely important that this inspection is done BEFORE they backfill.
  • Crawl Space, if applicable – A Crawl Space is simply a basement that you cannot stand up in. This phase of the inspection is done after the foundation is poured but before backfilling and framing begins.

PHASE II – PRE-Drywall

pre drywall framing inspection for new construction

  • This phase of the inspection is done which involves inspecting the electrical, plumbing, heat, and framing. We usually perform this inspection one to three days before the contractor hangs the drywall. Note: All other inspections above must be performed before this phase.

 PHASE III – FINAL Home Inspection

  • This phase of the inspection is done after the building process is finish. This is when the has a walk-thru inspection with the builder about a week or so before the closing of the home takes place. We need to come out 1 to 3 days before this walk-thru. At this time, we perform a complete 500-point comprehensive home inspection with pictures of any problems so the client still has time to address any issues with the builder before closing takes place. Now, we can also schedule additional services (i.e., foundation level survey, radon testing, etc.).

All inspections are completed with a detailed report inclusive with digital pictures.  Reports are delivered within 24 hours from completion.

We also recommend a Builder’s Warranty Evaluation prior to your Builder’s Warranty expiration date.  We can discuss this information in the future.

Structural and foundation inspections provided by A-Pro Rock Hill SC Home Inspectors

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