Home Inspectors Rock HillInterior Wall Cracks: What will a licensed Home Inspectors in Rock Hill Tell You Before You Buy a Home 



Before deciding on purchasing a home, it is advised to have those cracks checked by an experienced home Inspectors. In addition to noting the presence of cracks in the home inspection report, the home Inspectors will be able to let you know if they are merely cosmetic concerns or red flags of more costly damage. 



In drywall, for example, small vertical settlement cracks (caused by frame shrinkage and fluctuating seasonal temperatures) that run along abutted joints generally do not warrant too much concern by a home Inspectors unless combined with other factors, such as water damage and foundational problems. The home Inspectors in Rock Hill will note the presence of these “hairline” cracks in the report. 

On the other hand, stress cracks may be an indication that structural movement has occurred. If larger than ¼ inch in width, running diagonally across a wall (often originating in corners of wall openings), and tapered from large to small, wall cracks take on a heightened sense of urgency to a home Inspectors in Rock Hill.  

If these internal stress cracks are accompanied by external cracks in the same area, this will call for further evaluation of the home’s foundation. Other tests, such as checking for sticking bathroom and bedroom doors and measuring to determine if floor joists are sagging, can help the licensed home Inspectors in Rock Hill gauge the seriousness of a situation.  

: Examine the area around a drywall crack. If you see nail or screw heads which have popped out of their wood studs, this may be an indication of structural movement. 

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