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When the purchase agreement is accepted, you usually have a limited timeline, as outlined in the agreement to complete the home inspection process, generally 5-10 days. If home inspection repairs are necessary or desired, then notify the seller of any unsatisfactory results. 

There can be other parts to a home inspection, including sewer scope inspection, termite inspection, well inspection, septic inspection, mold inspection, swimming pool, radon testing, and more. Depending on the property, the market and your experience in home buying, you may want all but at the very least a comprehensive home inspection. 

The A-Pro Home Inspector in Rock Hill provides the following, and much more:  Rock Hill home inspectors in my area

  • Comprehensive 500-point inspections – the foundation to the rooftop
  • Easy to read, hardbound reports – delivered in 24 hours
  • A balanced assessment – uncover strengths as well as areas of concern “No Further Evaluation” guarantee  hiring A-Pro means no follow-ups needed
  • “If We Don’t Report It, We repair it” guarantee*see terms.
  • Free foundation level survey at your request with every full inspection a $150 value
  • A-Pro delivers the best value in home inspection
  • Strong communication and thorough follow-up

The Best Home Inspectors in Rock HillHow Much Do Home Inspections Cost? Costs for home inspections vary, depending on the size and type of property as well as the number, and types of services performed.  Expect to pay somewhere around $300 -$400 depending on the services needed, and the total square footage of the house. 

The Best Home Inspectors in Rock HillAs-is Sales and What if the Seller Refuses to Make Repairs?  If you’re buying a house as-is, that means that the seller is not making any warranties about the condition of the property.  However, that does not mean the seller will not make the repair(s) or offer to reduce the selling price of the property. 

For example, a homebuyer hires a home inspector, and the inspector points out that a furnace is aging and that it should be replaced. On the other side, the seller says the furnace is only a few years old, and that the furnace is still in serviceable condition. This clash can go back and forth.

In any case, If the seller refuses to make the repairs you requested, you have a few options:  Rock Hill home inspections near me

  1. Continue to negotiate or give them an ultimatum– if you don’t make the repairs to the furnace, I’ll cancel the agreement. Only do this if you are willing to walk away from the deal.
  2. Accept the property, knowing that you make the repairs yourself.
  3. Terminate the contract – you are within your rights to have a home inspection,and with the report, you also have rights the right to terminate the contract as long as it’s done within the timeline specified in the purchase agreement.
  4. Renegotiate the purchase agreement.  In many cases, the buyer(s) can use the inspection to renegotiate the purchase price. If there are any undisclosed problems found during the inspection, then it is perfectly acceptable for the buyer to request that the seller repair the item(s), reduce the selling price or ask for money instead of completing the repairs.  Getting the seller to do the repairs is usually completely out of the buyer’s control.

The Best Rock Hill Home Inspections near meContact your A-Pro Home Inspector in Rock Hill for further details or pricing for all your inspection needs. Call NOW at 803-752-0212.

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